Tale #20 – A Father’s Blessing

As I am literally days away from welcoming my son Noah into this world – I couldn’t help but pause a bit and reflect on all the fathers who stood before their sons, offering blessings that would aid and guide the rest of their lives. While my blessing to my boy may or may not prove to have any prophetic weight, I even wrote my own:

My son,
May you see the face of God much sooner than your father before you,
and have eyes to see what He has in store for you.

May you never forget what it is to wonder of worlds that have yet to be,
but revel in the magic in the world, and both the people and things you find there.

May you never know sadness that cares nothing for circumstance
but know only joy unfettered and unashamed.

May you never be satisfied with simple answers and comfortable lies
but seek out the hard, deep, and enticing truths of God, the world, its people, and even yourself.

May you love deeply, sing loudly, and tell the most excellent stories.

If you are curious about the traditional blessing I found in my travels around the internet, you can find one of the sources that sent me down that rabbit trail here.

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