Episode 6 – Pre-Guffins, a MacGuffin Factory Tangent

This is not your standard episode. Our scheduled recording time was interrupted by personal matters, and rescheduling became problematic because Grant is busy being the daddy of new baby boy! However, we didn’t want to go without offering you guys an episode full of storytelling gold, so Mike is doing a solo-episode talking about what he has termed “Pre-Guffins.” If MacGuffins are the items, people, and events that drive story and send your protagonists forward,  pre-guffins are the tools that help figure out what items, people, and events are WORTH chasing.

Here are some links that are referenced in this episode:
Once Upon a Time – a storytelling card game you can deal out to yourself to include in your story.
Retronaut – a collection of fantastic photos from the past gathered from around the world.
Dixit – any of the games or game expansions are packed full of inspiring images
Random Name Generator –  enter a few parameters and you have a collection of upwards of 100 name combinations dying to have stories written about them.

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