About InnRoads Ministries

InnRoads Ministries exists to provide content & services that promote fellowship through creative play in order to empower individuals, churches, and community groups to use gaming to share the gospel and develop disciples through meaningful relationships.

innroads-4 color vectorThe wonderful thing about the gaming table is that it does not matter where you’ve been, what you’ve done, or who you are. While the game is being played, you have entered into something new. You will laugh, shout, cheer, and scream with your fellow players. You will build common history and shared moments. And when the game is done, whether you won or tasted bitter defeat, maybe – just maybe – you’ll turn to the people you may have never known before you sat down and ask, “Anyone up for another game?”

Our History:

They say that every great adventure starts out at the inn. However, like everything worth doing these days . . . it all started with two geeks on the internet.

InnRoads Ministries found its humble beginnings when Luke Navarro and Mike Perna started the Game Store Prophets podcast in July of 2011. As the two continued to put out their bi-weekly hour about games, geeky stuff, and how those things reflect and inform their faith – they began to feel like God wanted them to expand what they were doing. A growing collection of emails and comments had showed the duo that people felt tugged between the God they served and their geeky passions. Luke and Mike wanted to create a ministry targeted to gamers, geeks, cosplayers. They wanted to encourage the faithful geeks out there as well as reach into these communities with the gospel.

Our philosophy:

As our mission statement says – we exist to help geeks who love God get together in fellowship, to equip the Church to make an impact in this growing culture that is tabletop gaming, and to use the things we love to demonstrate the very heart of Christ to those who don’t know Him — even those who feel as if the Church has looked down on them because of their gaming. We believe that there is always a place at the table for anyone who wants to come and play. It’s a safe place.

No one has to to worry about a Bible bait-and-switch with us. We’re a Christian ministry, but we come to play, not preach. If you want to talk to us about life, faith, or anything else, we’ll gladly talk with you. But only if you want to. We invite you to share what you love with us. No matter what you bring with you, pull up a chair. There’s always a place at the table.

All roads lead to the inn, and it is there that your adventure is waiting to happen.

InnRoads Ministries is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization (EIN 30-0869646) located in the state of New Jersey.

If you have a question about the site, the ministry, or how you can get involved with what we are trying to do here, email us at Contact@innroadsministries.com

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