Tale #12 – Unlike Us

I had a new B&B in the can. Had it outlined, recorded, and ready to be edited – but it got scratched. Instead, I wanted to speak to what we’re seeing in Charlottesville, VA today. I am thankful that we are now seeing the Church refuse to be silent about racism and hate. We are seeing the Church rise to the occasion and speak out against these actions.

I want to tell you some stories. Stories about my grandfather – a tough as nails mason with thick arms and iron hands who was afraid to walk the streets at night for being an Italian immigrant and Catholic. Stories of my grandmother who would tell me stories of burning crosses in her yard in the same breath as she condemns black families in the neighborhood because you can’t trust those people. And I want to tell you a story from the Bible that you may never think about – a story of an Ethiopian eunuch, and how his story reminds us that there is no one excluded from the redemptive work of God.

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