Numenera: Rebirth – The Hall of the Ratspeaker

The Hounds went to the Wandering Priest looking to answers for their mountain of questions about their enigmatic current job. Would they find them in the storage basement below? There are eyes in the darkness, and they’re not sure where they’ll lead them. Continue reading

Numenera: Rebirth – The Hounds are Summoned

The Hounds have been called back to Durkhal to receive their new assignment. Their handler, Brother Foxglove, seems more tight-lipped than usual. They are to track down a missing aeon priest – but they aren’t told where she was going or what she was sent to find. Confused – they take … Continue reading

Numenera: Rebirth – an Introduction

We are starting off 2017 with a brand new InnRoads Plays series. This time featuring Numenera, a Cypher System game from the folks at Monty Cook Games. Not only is it a new game, but Jeff has decided to step out from behind the GM screen for this series, allowing … Continue reading