IRP Victoriana: Session 4 – Child’s Play

These tears are not for the children… August, 1856 And they’re back! The clues found within the Doyle household point to new theories.. And the tears of the nanny shine new light upon the missing children. ———————- These episodes encompass our fourth session and a long holiday hiatus…and some editing … Continue reading

Cyclopaedia 1: Steampunk

Welcome to Cyclopaedia 1: Steampunk. Cyclopaedia is a monthly article on the InnRoads Ministries website as part of the Getting Started series. For this first article, I thought you would enjoy more info regarding steampunk, which influences the world of Victoriana as depicted in the currently running InnRoads Plays “Kensington by Torchlight.” If … Continue reading


Telling stories and GMing games has been a passion of mine for decades. I am also a sage at heart who loves to delve into libraries and archives of information regarding games I am developing or playing. I like my characters to have extensive backstories, NPCs with fleshed out personalities, and … Continue reading

IRP Victoriana: Session 3 – The Edna Equation

In the House of Doyle… August, 1856 At the home of Mr and Mrs Henry Doyle, the adventurers begin the investigation into the disappearance of Henrietta and Michael. But along the way, a certain cook becomes a pivot point for more than one of the group. Monsieur Joyeux returns to … Continue reading

IRP Victoriana: Session 2 | Part 1 – Kensington by Torchlight

A Kensington Evening August, 1856 Six months have passed for the newest members of the Torchbearers Society, six months since the events at Zao Tzun Restaurant. The late evening of August 1856 finds our group huddled at a small table near the back of the Museum Tavern waiting with varied … Continue reading

IRP Victoriana: Session 1 – The Noodle Incident

First Meetings in Limehouse In our first session of the Actual Play, we flashback 6 months to see where it all began for the Torchbearers. —————————————————– February, 1856 The Crimean War is turning against the Crown as the Tsarina of Russia unleashes magical horrors the likes of which England is … Continue reading

IRP Victoriana: Character Creation

One’s Full Measure Meet the cast as we formulate new characters in the Victoriana game system. A dwarven doctor, a Russian bearman, a disgraced veteran of the Crimean War, a well-traveled young woman new to London, and a spiritualist of the wealthy, a more diverse group of adventurers would be … Continue reading

InnRoads Plays Series 2 – Introducing Victoriana

Welcome to the Smoke InnRoads Plays embarks upon a brand new adventure. We take a moment to discuss Cubicle 7’s Victoriana, Steampunk and some of the themes and cautionary tales involved with this setting. Remember, InnRoads Ministries is putting these videos together not just for entertainment, but to give you … Continue reading