Numenera: Rebirth – The Hall of the Ratspeaker

The Hounds went to the Wandering Priest looking to answers for their mountain of questions about their enigmatic current job. Would they find them in the storage basement below? There are eyes in the darkness, and they’re not sure where they’ll lead them. Continue reading

Numenera: Rebirth – The Hounds are Summoned

The Hounds have been called back to Durkhal to receive their new assignment. Their handler, Brother Foxglove, seems more tight-lipped than usual. They are to track down a missing aeon priest – but they aren’t told where she was going or what she was sent to find. Confused – they take … Continue reading

Numenera: Rebirth – Session 0

In this preliminary session of InnRoads Plays Numenera: Rebirth, the players gather to discuss how they fit in the 9th world, how they work together, and a bit about how their greatest failure as a unit was also their greatest success. For more information about the 9th world and Numenera, … Continue reading

InnRoads Plays: Of Mines and Biscuits

Of Mines and Biscuits What started as a one-off game of catharsis for the tumultuous ending to 2016 has turned into a long-form campaign based on the Lost Mine of Phandelver. A Half-orc Cook, a Halfling Thief with a penchant for daggers, a Human Archer of accomplished skills, a Cleric … Continue reading

InnRoads RPG Jam Session Ep 2 (New GMs)

Tangential Fun Uncle Jeff and guest host Brian delve into the seedier side of marxist Jawas and how an encounter with a tribe of Cannok worshipers isn’t a monkey wrench in the works, it’s a Tangent! It’s all about game prep for those players who specialize in the unexpected and … Continue reading

IRP Victoriana: Session 4 – Child’s Play

These tears are not for the children… August, 1856 And they’re back! The clues found within the Doyle household point to new theories.. And the tears of the nanny shine new light upon the missing children. ———————- These episodes encompass our fourth session and a long holiday hiatus…and some editing … Continue reading

IRP D&D: Session 13 of the Broken Road pt 4

Velsharoon!, pt 4 The battle joined, Baerd, Silas and Kindrik aim to put an end to Anod’s plans. Session 13: Part 4 The Cast DM – Jeff Romo Silas the Wizard – Luke Navarro Baerd the Cleric – Mike Perna Kindrik the Rogue – Mike Boscia Continue reading

IRP D&D: Session 13 of the Broken Road pt 3

Velsharoon!, pt 3 The unholy alliance of House Leighyaron with a mad cleric is revealed! What darkness is held within the lair of Anod Anier? Can the heroes overcome his madness and prevent the plague facing Melvaunt? Session 13: Part 3 The Cast DM – Jeff Romo Silas the Wizard … Continue reading

IRP D&D: Session 13 of the Broken Road pt 2

Velsharoon!, pt 2 The mad cleric, Anod Anier’s journal reveals plans of larger proportions than can be held in these tunnels. In this episode, Baerd likens Kindrik to the group terrier… Session 13: Part 2 (I say session 12 here, but it’s really 13) The Cast DM – Jeff Romo … Continue reading

IRP D&D: Session 13 of the Broken Road pt 1

Velsharoon!, pt 1 Standing over a pit of zombies, the adventurers must descend into the midst of the undead horde to find out what else stirs in this most ancient of temple warrens. Session 13: Part 1 (finally nailed the overlay thing, kids) The Cast DM – Jeff Romo Silas … Continue reading