Episode 166 – InnRoads Unplugged

In this episode – we take obnoxious scheduling difficulties and make lemonade with them. That’s how this works right? This is a solo-mike episode where I spend some time talking about my whirlwind tour of PAX Unplugged, the people I … Continue reading Continue reading

Mike’s Gen Con 50 Preview

The Board Game Geek Gen Con Preview recently went up. I’ve brought it upon myself in years past to sift through this preview and give what I think are the highlights for those making their way to Indianapolis. When I’ve done this before, I’ve tried to give some time for the BGG list to fully … Continue reading

Mike’s Top 10 of Tabletop- #4 Imperial Settlers

Imperial Settlers has you taking control of one of four factions to build your civilization. Each player is trying to develop the most powerful and productive empire. Players use deals and buildings to produce resources, burning those buildings to the ground in the process of building bigger and more influential … Continue reading