Episode 160 – The Intern & the Mechanical Gospel

Many of our usual hosts are off dealing with other things at the moment, so I asked our new intern Jonathan Campoverde to come on the podcast to tell our wonderful listeners a little bit about himself. In this episode, … Continue reading Continue reading

The War Within

The same power flows through all of them. The same source rose up in the world to crush a common foe. The same voice calls each of them to unification. And yet, the Phoenixborn are at a crossroads. Will unity come as the powerful stand together for the mutual benefit of … Continue reading

Ever the Hero

The Bioshock Infinite video game opens with you taking on the role of Booker Dewitt, a psuedo-noir style detective swimming in gambling debts and alcohol. Looking at the note that put him where he finds himself, his role is clear. Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt. He … Continue reading

Mike’s Top 10 of Tabletop – #1-3

Due to some weather and health related delays, in order to finish up the top 10 games in my collection series, we’re going to be wrapping up this video series with one video detailing my top 3 games in the collection and why they rank as highly as they do. … Continue reading

Mike’s Top 10 of Tabletop – #6 Specter Ops

Specter Ops pits one player as an agent of A.R.K. – fighting against the Raxxon Corporation’s tyranny – or as a team of hunters hired by Raxxon to protect their facility. Will the Agent be able to sneak through the facility and grab the three objectives and get out in … Continue reading

Episode 116 – 2015’s End of The Year Awards Special

It’s that time of year again. The time where every podcast, blog, and youtuber across the internet takes to their feed with a list of what they think are the best – or at least their favorite – things of the year. Well, GSP is not one to be left out in the cold – so we present to you our end of the year special. We’ve added a couple options this year as Jeff and some of the Regulars suggested new categories. So here are our selections:

Best Game Played (does not have to be new this year)
Jeff – Dead of Winter
Mike – Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn

Best Game added to the collection (does not have to be new this year)
Jeff – Sushi Go
Mike – Castles of Burgundy

Favorite Game Publisher:
Jeff – Plaid Hat Games
Mike – Cool Mini or Not

Favorite Franchise Game:
Jeff – Thunderbirds
Mike – Star Wars Armada

Hidden Gem:
Jeff – Shakespeare
Mike – The Grizzled

Favorite Game Resource
Jeff – Raging Swan
Mike – The Ninth World Guidebook

Favorite Game industry/game Media personality
Jeff – Creighton Broadhurst
Mike – Sam Healey & Dan King

Favorite Video Game
Jeff – Undertale
Mike – Blood Bowl 2

Favorite Game of the Year
Jeff – Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn
Mike – Blood Rage

You can also check out some other stuff we’ve got going on going into the new year!
Stars Without Numbers preview
Hypofefical Trees teespring campaign 
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Morality and Necessity in the City of Remnants


You hear the sirens going off above you. Two YCU patrols in one day? Somebody must be causing trouble. Seems like the fighting’s getting worse. The territory lines have gotten too close. Soon you won’t be able to avoid it. It’ll be on your doorstep. The foreman stands ready with … Continue reading