Episode 6 – Pre-Guffins, a MacGuffin Factory Tangent

This is not your standard episode. Our scheduled recording time was interrupted by personal matters, and rescheduling became problematic because Grant is busy being the daddy of new baby boy! However, we didn’t want to go without offering you guys an episode full of storytelling gold, so Mike is doing … Continue reading

Episode 3 – Haunted Objects – A Halloween Special

It’s the time of year where people gather together around campfires to tell ghost stories. They have been a stable of storytelling since the beginning of time, so it only feels right that we come up with some MacGuffins focused around haunted items and spooky scenarios. As always, if you … Continue reading

Episode 1 – Skeleton Key

Welcome to the very first episode of our new storytelling podcast! Once a month, we’ll select a theme and provide a selection of interesting options for your various storytelling needs. Whether you use them for character development, creating plot points, world building, or storytelling outside of the gaming table – we … Continue reading