InnRoads Plays: Of Mines and Biscuits

Of Mines and Biscuits What started as a one-off game of catharsis for the tumultuous ending to 2016 has turned into a long-form campaign based on the Lost Mine of Phandelver. A Half-orc Cook, a Halfling Thief with a penchant for daggers, a Human Archer of accomplished skills, a Cleric … Continue reading

One-Shots: Dungeons and Dragons

The New Classic: Dungeons & Dragons Winter descends upon the village, its full force arriving in less than a moon’s cycle. In the distance, storm clouds roll and the thunder of Thor’s hammer can be heard driving them onward. Angered voices can be heard coming from the largest structure in … Continue reading

One-Shot: Stars Without Number

Stars Without Number A routine salvage job on the edges of Grimhild finds the crew of the Razorback trying to outrun Trehuvian Pirates to reach Erginus Station 1742. Rumor on the spaceways is an ancient piece of tech could bring new fortunes for the first crew to the recovery. But … Continue reading

One-Shot: Dungeon World

Dungeon World Outside the walls of Southold, the long roads can be cold and treacherous. Especially the ones that lead to secret places. The Priory of St. Antoinette’s has been out of communication for more than a year. Even for the hidden homes of the Benetnasch faithful that is far … Continue reading

IRP Victoriana: Session 4 – Child’s Play

These tears are not for the children… August, 1856 And they’re back! The clues found within the Doyle household point to new theories.. And the tears of the nanny shine new light upon the missing children. ———————- These episodes encompass our fourth session and a long holiday hiatus…and some editing … Continue reading

IRP D&D: Session 13 of the Broken Road pt 4

Velsharoon!, pt 4 The battle joined, Baerd, Silas and Kindrik aim to put an end to Anod’s plans. Session 13: Part 4 The Cast DM – Jeff Romo Silas the Wizard – Luke Navarro Baerd the Cleric – Mike Perna Kindrik the Rogue – Mike Boscia

IRP D&D: Session 13 of the Broken Road pt 3

Velsharoon!, pt 3 The unholy alliance of House Leighyaron with a mad cleric is revealed! What darkness is held within the lair of Anod Anier? Can the heroes overcome his madness and prevent the plague facing Melvaunt? Session 13: Part 3 The Cast DM – Jeff Romo Silas the Wizard … Continue reading

IRP D&D: Session 13 of the Broken Road pt 2

Velsharoon!, pt 2 The mad cleric, Anod Anier’s journal reveals plans of larger proportions than can be held in these tunnels. In this episode, Baerd likens Kindrik to the group terrier… Session 13: Part 2 (I say session 12 here, but it’s really 13) The Cast DM – Jeff Romo … Continue reading

IRP D&D: Session 13 of the Broken Road pt 1

Velsharoon!, pt 1 Standing over a pit of zombies, the adventurers must descend into the midst of the undead horde to find out what else stirs in this most ancient of temple warrens. Session 13: Part 1 (finally nailed the overlay thing, kids) The Cast DM – Jeff Romo Silas … Continue reading

IRP D&D: Session 12 of the Broken Road pt 4

The Undead in Our Midst, pt 4 The adventurers stand ready to face the horrors of the guardian. On the other side of puzzles and mysterious objects lay fire. Session 12: Part 4 (session wrap up included) The Cast DM – Jeff Romo Silas the Wizard – Luke Navarro Baerd … Continue reading