Cyclopaedia 1: Steampunk

Welcome to Cyclopaedia 1: Steampunk. Cyclopaedia is a monthly article on the InnRoads Ministries website as part of the Getting Started series. For this first article, I thought you would enjoy more info regarding steampunk, which influences the world of Victoriana as depicted in the currently running InnRoads Plays “Kensington by Torchlight.” If … Continue reading


Telling stories and GMing games has been a passion of mine for decades. I am also a sage at heart who loves to delve into libraries and archives of information regarding games I am developing or playing. I like my characters to have extensive backstories, NPCs with fleshed out personalities, and … Continue reading

Welcome to Tavern Con!

If you have been on our facebook page or our community over there, you’ll have heard me talking about an event we’re calling Tavern Con! Tavern Con will be our very first fundraiser for the ministry. As we have recently been approved for non-profit status as a 501c3* and our Gencon trip right … Continue reading

InnRoads Plays D&D: Session 11 of the Broken Road pt 4

Beyond the Cold Fire, pt 4 Goblins are the least of the party’s worries. Part Four The Cast DM – Jeff Romo Silas the Wizard – Luke Navarro Baerd the Cleric – Mike Perna Kindrik the Rogue – Mike Boscia Continue reading

All By Myself – What I Learned Playing Games Alone

Featured image for this article used through Creative Commons by Lee Haywood “Why would anyone want to play a board game by themself?” It was an honest question regarding the player count on the side of the box. I didn’t think much of it at the time, brushing the comment aside … Continue reading

The REAL Power

There is a pattern that emerges when church folk discover my passion for tabletop gaming culture and the people that inhabit it. I can generally trace the arc from the moment the conversation starts. It is mostly honest inquiry, but occasionally the arc jumps to a place of confusion, fear, … Continue reading

Game-a-thon for Love True

Last year, Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day headed to youtube with an announcement. Through Tabletop, they were seeing an explosion of people gathering around game tables, and they wanted to celebrate the success of the show. Thus was born International Tabletop Day. Tabletop Day is just what the name implies. It … Continue reading

The Gamer Glossary: So You Want to Role Play?

Much like our first installment of the Gamer Glossary – this will be a brief overview of overarching terms for those looking to get into tabletop role playing games. While each RPG will have its own specific terms – this list will cover terms that are used across multiple games. … Continue reading