Ever the Hero

The Bioshock Infinite video game opens with you taking on the role of Booker Dewitt, a psuedo-noir style detective swimming in gambling debts and alcohol. Looking at the note that put him where he finds himself, his role is clear. Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt. He … Continue reading

The REAL Power

There is a pattern that emerges when church folk discover my passion for tabletop gaming culture and the people that inhabit it. I can generally trace the arc from the moment the conversation starts. It is mostly honest inquiry, but occasionally the arc jumps to a place of confusion, fear, … Continue reading

I Hate Monopoly: Confessions of a Former Gatekeeper

When I was a child, I played games as a child. So at the very start of my experiences, the games were simple ventures into the mechanic that would come to be known as “Roll and Move.” Looking back on those early memories of games long gone, I remembered long … Continue reading

Chesterton’s Dragon

Our stories are filled with monsters. Whether they are quintessentially monstrous, or more philosophical in nature, they appear as an ever-present trope in the way we communicate. Games are no different, sometimes even creating room for monsters where none exist. The otherwise peaceful castle and field tile game of Carcassonne … Continue reading

The Dark Road of Thomas Mycroft: Reflections on Playing Evil

In the course of life you will either be a hero, a villain, or an NPC. Sometimes you may get to be all three I have one rule when it comes to role playing evil characters. I refuse to play “puppy kickers” – my general name for the sort of … Continue reading