Episode 139 – Building Bridges Instead of Battering Rams

In this episode – we wade through a wall of awful to get a shortened solo episode. We talk Jeff’s stream with the Ladies of the Round Table, a new stream of Storm King’s Thunder on our Facebook page, Extra … Continue reading Continue reading

Episode 138 – We Stand With Wundergeek

In a stunning turn of events, we actually have all three of your hosts on for this episode of the podcast. There was neither technical nor biological hazard getting in the way as we talk about various fantasy sportsball games … Continue reading Continue reading

Extra Life 2016 – No Such Thing as Solo Play

For the past three years we’ve had a team participate in the annual Extra Life fundraising event in support of local children’s hospitals. If you are unfamiliar with Extra Life or our past involvement with the event, gamers from all over the country gather to play games together for a twenty … Continue reading

Episode 135 – Better is the Wrong Question

We are sans Romo for episode 135, but Daniel and I sort through a bit of an InnRoads news business before we spend a good chunk of time tackling a question that we got from one of the Regulars in the Tavern.

When it comes to using games for outreach or inward growth – which is ‘better’ is the wrong question.

Web site round up for episode 135:
The InnRoads Regulars Extra Life 2016 team page
The bonus content episode where Katie visited Children’s Specialized Hospital.
The InnRoads Support Shirt Store (15 days left in the campaign at time of posting) Continue reading

Your Extra Life 2015 After-Action Report

I cannot be prouder of this year’s Extra Life team! The InnRoads Regulars came in with like a force this year. Not only did we meet our goal – we blew right past it by hundreds of dollars. When I set the bar at $1500, I will say that I … Continue reading

Days Away From Extra Life!

Are you excited yet? As I write this post, we are less than THREE DAYS away from Extra Life and 24 hours of gaming to help the kids, families, and staff at Children’s Specialized Hospital here in New Jersey. This year we have rallied the biggest team to date – … Continue reading

One Month ’til Extra Life 2015!

We are one month away from our Extra Life life event and the InnRoads Regulars are on FIRE! We just posted this video encouraging people to join the team or donate to help us reach our $1500. At the time I started recording it, we had already raised about 30% of … Continue reading

Join the InnRoads Regulars for Extra Life 2014

In 2013, a rag-tag group of gamers got together to raise money for a local children’s hospital. How did they decide they would accomplish such a feat? TWENTY FIVE HOURS OF GAMING! Extra Life is an annual event that works alongside hospitals in the Children’s Miracle Network to provide long term … Continue reading