InnRoads RPG Jam Session Ep 4 (Richer NPCs)

NPCs to Remember Ever came across an NPC in your RPG of choice that really stuck with you? Chances are they had a bit of back story to them…maybe a unique twang in their speech…or perhaps a story that drove them to peculiarities. Uncle Jeff delves into one of his … Continue reading

InnRoads Plays: Of Mines and Biscuits

Of Mines and Biscuits What started as a one-off game of catharsis for the tumultuous ending to 2016 has turned into a long-form campaign based on the Lost Mine of Phandelver. A Half-orc Cook, a Halfling Thief with a penchant for daggers, a Human Archer of accomplished skills, a Cleric … Continue reading

One-Shots: Dungeons and Dragons

The New Classic: Dungeons & Dragons Winter descends upon the village, its full force arriving in less than a moon’s cycle. In the distance, storm clouds roll and the thunder of Thor’s hammer can be heard driving them onward. Angered voices can be heard coming from the largest structure in … Continue reading

Taking a One-Shot

An Experiment in Turning Strangers into Friends It’s been a month since the last session of our Summer One-Shots event.  Plenty of time to review the recordings and create the VODs and – more importantly – reflect.  I’d had the idea early in February of 2016, a possibility of drawing … Continue reading

IRP D&D: the Final Session of the Broken Road

Home Is Where My Enemy Is… Baerd, Silas and Kindrik race back to Melvaunt in search of the half-elf Undil. Baerd has a score to settle with the halfling Ubylyn…Silas seeks to leverage the dark knowledge uncovered in the dungeons…and the rogue, Kindrik Hillenspanner, emerges as the voice of reason. … Continue reading

IRP D&D: Session 13 of the Broken Road pt 4

Velsharoon!, pt 4 The battle joined, Baerd, Silas and Kindrik aim to put an end to Anod’s plans. Session 13: Part 4 The Cast DM – Jeff Romo Silas the Wizard – Luke Navarro Baerd the Cleric – Mike Perna Kindrik the Rogue – Mike Boscia

IRP D&D: Session 13 of the Broken Road pt 3

Velsharoon!, pt 3 The unholy alliance of House Leighyaron with a mad cleric is revealed! What darkness is held within the lair of Anod Anier? Can the heroes overcome his madness and prevent the plague facing Melvaunt? Session 13: Part 3 The Cast DM – Jeff Romo Silas the Wizard … Continue reading

IRP D&D: Session 13 of the Broken Road pt 2

Velsharoon!, pt 2 The mad cleric, Anod Anier’s journal reveals plans of larger proportions than can be held in these tunnels. In this episode, Baerd likens Kindrik to the group terrier… Session 13: Part 2 (I say session 12 here, but it’s really 13) The Cast DM – Jeff Romo … Continue reading

IRP D&D: Session 13 of the Broken Road pt 1

Velsharoon!, pt 1 Standing over a pit of zombies, the adventurers must descend into the midst of the undead horde to find out what else stirs in this most ancient of temple warrens. Session 13: Part 1 (finally nailed the overlay thing, kids) The Cast DM – Jeff Romo Silas … Continue reading

IRP D&D: Session 12 of the Broken Road pt 4

The Undead in Our Midst, pt 4 The adventurers stand ready to face the horrors of the guardian. On the other side of puzzles and mysterious objects lay fire. Session 12: Part 4 (session wrap up included) The Cast DM – Jeff Romo Silas the Wizard – Luke Navarro Baerd … Continue reading