Persist and Survive Together

I’ve previously written about how playing a game allows you to see life from another perspective. Mostly this is through sharing the experiences of the other people at the table, but sometimes the mechanisms and components of the game themselves offer a chance to participate in a powerful story. They ask … Continue reading

The Gamer Glossary: Beginner Board Gaming

Feature photo credit: Jeff Belmonte via photopin cc   We love welcoming new gamers into the hobby. However, we also know we can get so caught up in esoteric terminology that we forget some people don’t know what we’re talking about. Thus – we have the Gamer’s Glossary. In this … Continue reading

It’s All Their Fault: Self-Justification From a Game of Netrunner

Android Netrunner is about runners. Runners are a breed of elite hackers who make their way through the highways and byways of networks to break into corporations’ servers. Carving up defenses, trashing assets, and swiping the agendas the powers that be seek to bring down on the heads of the … Continue reading

Getting Started – Luke’s Top Five Games for Beginners

One of the questions we get asked most often is, “How can I get into board gaming?” Below is my Top Five games to try if you have never played a hobby board game. 5.  If you have ever been interested in playing a table top war game X-Wing is … Continue reading