Animo – I choose you!

I was introduced to collectible card games the summer I turned fifteen. I’d been going to the local game store a lot, playing Warhammer 40k, but there was always time between matches where I had nothing to do. During one of these down times, my friends asked if I wanted … Continue reading

Indulgent Themes

I grew up playing trick-taking games. Hearts, Spades, or the occasional round of Rook. They got my whole family to the table, sure, but what for? I was a kid. The idea of playing cards with numbers on them bigger than the other players’ numbers was hardly a thrilling concept. … Continue reading

The War Within

The same power flows through all of them. The same source rose up in the world to crush a common foe. The same voice calls each of them to unification. And yet, the Phoenixborn are at a crossroads. Will unity come as the powerful stand together for the mutual benefit of … Continue reading