Tale #4 – Redemption Stories

I have always been a sucker for redemption stories. This is particularly true during the Easter season, when we not only tell stories that involve a character’s redemption – but recount the redemption story at the heart of our faith. The one where God redeemed, and is still working out … Continue reading

Tale #3 – The Pain You Just Can’t Shake

What happens when there is pain you can’t fight for a problem that you can’t fully identify? What happens when you spend time in the ER asking God to intervene – and he doesn’t? How do we live in a place that still follows God – hungers to get closer … Continue reading

Tale #2 – My Father, the Lawful Good Fighter

Sacrificial love is something we’re all called to if we’re following Christ. He pretty much defines what love is supposed to look like. But sometimes we need somebody to come along and model that for us in our daily life. For me – that was my dad. We’d love to … Continue reading

Tale # 1 – Greetings, Traveler. I have a Quest for You

In this inaugural episode of our new devotional podcast – I talk break down what you can expect to hear in this new podcast, and then I talk about a man named Bezalel – and how his story reminds us just how much bigger God is than we think He … Continue reading