InnRoads RPG Jam Session Ep 2 (New GMs)

Tangential Fun

Uncle Jeff and guest host Brian delve into the seedier side of marxist Jawas and how an encounter with a tribe of Cannok worshipers isn’t a monkey wrench in the works, it’s a Tangent! It’s all about game prep for those players who specialize in the unexpected and the impact of caring for the players around your table.

Foul-mouthed, Marxist Jawas, Saboteurs and polite Protocol Droids, what GM could ask for anything more!

RPG Jam Sessions is a new series from InnRoads Ministries where we talk about the tricks and tools that can benefit new GMs and grognards alike!

We hope you’ll stop by each week to see Brian’s story unfold!


RPG Jam Session: Episode 2 (New GMs)

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