Episode 5 – Swords

Scottish_claymore_replica_(Albion_Chieftain)2Swords have been a part of epic storytelling for ages. From Excalibur to Luke’s lightsaber, sword are both an instrument of death and destruction and a symbol of authority and power for those who wield them. In this episode of the MacGuffin Factory, we tackle stories about swords and how even this most traversed path of storytelling can still provide new an interesting plots.

And if you are curious about the comic strip that I mentioned, I could not find a link to the original file, but I did find it, and you can see it below. To ensure that credit is given to the artist, I will tell you that the strip comes from an artist named Zac Gorman, and you can find his stuff on his website. You can link to it HERE or by click on the comic strip below.Its-Dangerous-to-go-Alone

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