Episode 2 – Lost Ships

bigpreview_Sci Fi - Post ApocalypticsGhost ships, legendary pirate vessels, mysterious hulks floating in the heavens. Episode 2 is full of MacGuffins to help you put together a story on sea, air, or the stars above.

Always remember that if you are listening to this podcast and one of our MacGuffins inspires you, pause the episode and go write that down. We love hearing about stories you guys have come up with because of something we mentioned, so feel free to send stories about how you plan on using them to contact@innroadsministries.com.

CE1LqEIXIAIrYH0Every month we want to share a bunch of story ideas around a theme. If you have an idea for a MacGuffin that you’d like to see us talk about, leave a comment below. And if you find your way over to iTunes, be sure to rate and review The MacGuffin Factory there so that other people can find us and join in on the story.

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  1. The story you discussed about the lost ship with fused sailors sounds like the Philadelphia Experiment which spawned a movie and is used in multiple rpg campaigns. I personally have used it for a superhero campaign element as well https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philadelphia_Experiment

  2. Event Horizon scared me to death. First off, I’m a total chicken. Second, saw it in theaters without realizing it was supposed to be scary. FACEPALM

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