Tips for Teaching New Board Games

Whether you’re teaching a new game or trying to introduce one of your favorites to a new group of people, the ability to teach game play in a clear and concise way is an important skill. It can also be an intimidating element of the hobby when you aren’t comfortable … Continue reading

Doing Your Homework

If you are new to the board gaming hobby, it can be overwhelming. I’ve been neck deep in the hobby for years, and even I have a hard time keeping up with everything. Games that could only be found at a game store are now widely available on Amazon, as well … Continue reading

Board Game of the Month?

You may have seen advertisements for “box subscription” mailing services. It could be for clothes, comics, or even mysterious adventures! More than likely visitors to this site will have seen advertisements or unboxing videos for Loot Crate somewhere in their travels. As that service became more popular, creeping its way into … Continue reading

The Road to Dungeon Master Part 2

If you haven’t had a chance to read part one of Heather’s to part series, you can find it here. My evolution from non-gamer to game master has led to many positives in my life. In my last article I shared how I got into role-playing games as an adult. … Continue reading

Narrative Threads

Game Masters & Players Unite! Through the halls of Role Playing Game history, dating back to the first time dice were used to decide fate, the oft echoed lament of Game Masters can be heard… “My players are ruining my game!” Miniatures and character sheets go flying and the GMs … Continue reading

The Road to Dungeon Master: Part 1

I discovered the world of RPGs as an adult. A handful of years ago I had never played an RPG. They were like a foreign land to me: distant, exotic, and intimidating. Today I’m playing in and even running games across multiple RPG systems. How did I go from non-gamer … Continue reading

You Know … For Kids!

In the movie The Hudsucker Proxy, the main character spends the bulk of the narrative holding up the drawing of his fantastic new invention. What is that invention, you ask? The Hula Hoop. But he doesn’t call it the hula hoop. He doesn’t have a sales pitch or explanation. There is … Continue reading