Indulgent Themes

I grew up playing trick-taking games. Hearts, Spades, or the occasional round of Rook. They got my whole family to the table, sure, but what for? I was a kid. The idea of playing cards with numbers on them bigger than the other players’ numbers was hardly a thrilling concept. … Continue reading

Empires Over Engines

There is a bleak beauty that runs throughout the artwork in Scythe. Artist Jakub Rozalski does an amazing job of world building in his images of hulking mechs lumbering in the distance as poor farmers toil in the fields in the foreground. It’s an alternate history where black smoke chugs … Continue reading

The War Within

The same power flows through all of them. The same source rose up in the world to crush a common foe. The same voice calls each of them to unification. And yet, the Phoenixborn are at a crossroads. Will unity come as the powerful stand together for the mutual benefit of … Continue reading

A New Light

Playing games as my ministry makes for an interesting set of vocabulary. There is a surprising amount of overlap in both these spheres. I evangelize. I share the joy and wonder of what I have seen and experienced in order that others might have a chance to see it themselves. … Continue reading

Where Does Sola Fide Stand?

The Reformation has always been an intriguing period of history for me. My fascination peaked in college. I stood at the door of Schlosskirche in Wittenberg Germany. I was there on a tour, hoping to garner church history class credit in a far more enjoyable way than sitting in lectures. It was there, in … Continue reading

The Dragon & Flagon & The Toon That is True

I first mentioned Dragon & Flagon in my Gen Con preview, declaring it the unofficial official InnRoads Ministries mascot game. There was never any doubt that I’d own a game about a medieval fantasy tavern where heroes do battle on a three dimensional board for honor and bragging rights. When it arrived and … Continue reading

Ever the Hero

The Bioshock Infinite video game opens with you taking on the role of Booker Dewitt, a psuedo-noir style detective swimming in gambling debts and alcohol. Looking at the note that put him where he finds himself, his role is clear. Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt. He … Continue reading