Ten Reasons Your Church Should Be Gaming

When we start communicating with churches to see about starting up gaming groups in their congregations – we have a litany of reasons why this sort of group is useful in a ministry context. Whether your church is in a center of nerd culture or the geekiest thing you’ve done … Continue reading

The Sunday Morning Experiment

After the experience of busting out Onitama in the lobby of my church on a Sunday morning, I began wondering if there was more there worth exploring. It was a great time, engaging me in the communal aspect of church worship I hadn’t experienced in a long time. I talked … Continue reading

We Want You – why ‘non-gamers’ are crucial for gaming ministry

We’ve had a number of churches inquire about having us out to run a game day. Among the first questions I ask them are “What are your plans for follow up?” and “How are you going to get your congregations involved?” There’s no lack of one-time experiences designed to get people in … Continue reading

Creating a Legacy Ministry

Legacy games started with a reworking of Risk in 2011. Risk Legacy introduced a progressive revelation of playable factions and other game elements hidden in envelopes and boxes. It also created a persistent mechanic where the last game you played will have a direct impact on every game played after it. … Continue reading

Bezalel’s Calling – Expanding on gifts, ministry, and expectations

An important lesson I learned in seminary is that no one can come to the Bible without bias. He stood before the class and said “I am a white, Anglo-Saxon, male from America. Alone, I can only read [the Bible] as a white, Anglo-Saxon, male from America.” The goal of that statement was … Continue reading

Go Into the World: A New Look at Disciple Making

Getting people who don’t play games to the table is an important skill that any gamer has to develop. Regardless what the game is, there needs to be someone in that seat across the table or the game cannot be experienced the way it was intended. They are designed to be … Continue reading