Episode 128 – Servant Leadership & the GM

In this episode we talk about the possibilities found in the growing number of virtual tabletop programs, my first couple plays of Boss Monster, playing Blood Rage with my minis all painted up, and I share a story about how my local Numenera group MacGyvered defeating three bosses, and how the best GM, and the best leaders in many contexts as well, often disappear as they empower and feature those they are trying to lead.

Tavern Con 2016 is less than 2 weeks away! If you are going to be in the central NJ area on June 18th, we’d love to see you there. If not, there are plenty of other ways you can support the ministry.

At the end there I mention a couple places you can find your intrepid hosts. You can find me featured on The Arcade, the community podcast of GameChurch City. You can also find Jeff playing guest GM over at the Invictus stream (NOTE: Invictus is not as family friendly as our channel, so parental discretion is advised). Continue reading

Episode 127 – We Got What We Always Wanted – And Ruined it.

GSP 127 is flying Mike-less, as I had to step out to take care of some family business. However, Jeff and Daniel tucked in and made GSP happen on schedule for all of you. They talk about telling stories with Rory’s Story Cubes and Dungeon World, talk about a bit of digital craziness like Pokemon Go, and talk about the fact that after a horde of complaining geeks going on forums complaining about women never getting into the hobby … a host of folks started complaining because over half the featured guest list for Gen Con this year were women. This is why we can’t have nice things, people. Continue reading

Episode 126: Am I an NPC?

In this episode we talk about playing Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia after a THREE YEAR wait, some new RPGs Daniel found on kickstarter that are story driven, and how we may always feel like the story is centered around us – but we might actually just be an NPC in someone else’s narrative.

We mention the SuperPLEX kickstarter campaign by the folks at Button Shy Games, and you can check that out HERE:

You can also find the video explaining all the moving parts of Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia far better than I could in my brief summation HERE: Continue reading

Episode 125 – Trust and the Kickstarter Feast

Episode 125 has us talking about a veritable mountain of possible kickstarter wonderfulness that is either about to go live or is currently running. As we are talking about kickstarter projects, we also talk about the nature of trust and figuring out what makes someone trustworthy.

Here are the kickstarters that we talk about in the episode:
-Savage World Rifts (this project goes live the 26th, but you can find news about it here )
-The Game Canopy
-Unknown Armies 3rd edition
-Dark Souls Board Game
-Ghost Busters the Board Game 2
-The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game
-This War of Mine the Board Game (kickstarter has not launched yet. Preview here ) Continue reading

Episode 124 – Stewardship, Asmodee, and the Shelf of Shame

In this episode, Daniel and I give reports on continuing game-day activities of the ministry, we talk about playing Catan Junior VERY seriously, the joys of shouting with a foam gun in your hand (Ca$h ‘N Guns), and a few other titles before jumping in on talking stewardship in light of the overwhelming wave of great big-name titles that are hitting the market soon and the Asmodee policy change.

If you’d like to support us getting Game Canopy bags from Level 3B, you can click the store or donate links on the InnRoads Home Page to do that. We’ll be sure to post on twitter and in the Tavern when their kickstarter officially goes live.

If you are curious about Cube Quest – Future Mike mentioned that SU&SD talked about it as part of their dexterity games special, so you can check it out there. Continue reading

GSP 123 – All the News That’s Fit to Chat About

Sadly, Jeff could not be with us for this episode, but that doesn’t mean Daniel and I didn’t have a lot to talk about. With the announcement of the Golden Geek Award Winners and videos/blogs coming out of the GAMA Trade Show, we decided we’d share with you guys what we thought about the announcements we’ve been hearing. We also get a report on Daniel’s first game day.

Also – don’t expect to hear Daniel close the show again. You’ll see why. Continue reading

Bonus Content – Tom Anders & Impact Miniatures

Daniel and Jeff got to sit down with Tom Anders to talk about Impact Miniatures, Blood Bowl, and more. It’s a really interesting discussion about the process of making that game happen and about the business of making miniatures and custom dice, as well as just talking about favorite and recommended games. Continue reading

Episode 122 – So You Want to Run a Gaming Ministry?

In episode 122, I finally get a chance to talk about going out to play with the wonderful people at First Presbyterian Church of Phoenixville. Between talking about that, and Daniel talking about his upcoming game day that will start a monthly ongoing group, we spend this episode talking about things you need to consider if you want to pursue gaming ministry.

We also have a brief update about Tavern Con 2016! We’d like to thank the folks at Monte Cook Games for donating one of their Reliquary box sets for someone to win at the event. Everything you need to play or run your own Numenera campaign and WAY more. I’m officially jealous of anyone who wins this!

We also announce that we’ll have Jack Berkenstock from  The Bodhana Group joining us this year. Not only will he and his crew be able to tell you about the therapeutic work that they do with games – but he mentioned something about a LIVE ACTION version of Go Goblin Go that I’m excited to see. Continue reading

Episode 121 – You Can’t Slap Jesus on It

Most of your hosts were sick as a dog when this was recorded, but we still had a fun time getting together around the mics. In this episode we talk about games like Animal Upon Animal, PIG, and Tragedy Looper.

As far as our theological topic of the episode – well, I could tell you about it, but I’ll give you this out-of-context quote and let you experience it for yourself:

“You can’t just slap Jesus on this and hope that it’ll be effective, because it won’t be. If it’s coming from a place of authenticity and truth, and ‘This is what’s REALLY going on in my life’ – then that makes a huge difference. It’s the difference between a Queen’s Gambit and Ewoks Save the Trees.”

On a side note: I mention about potentially having Future Mike stop in to give an update about the Phoenixville Game day. After waking up early, spending 4 hours on the road split at the front and back of a 7 hour game day — every Mike in the multiverse is tired as I post this. The short version is that it was a very successful event and the church is planning more game days to come. I’ll talk about it in the next episode. Continue reading

Episode 120 – A Triumphant Return to the Wide World

As the title of this episode suggests, this episode Mike has stepped back to the mics after his journeys through the lands of Administration. He kicks off with stories of bear related games (Nyet! and Samurai Spirit) before the rest of the guys get going, as well as an update about the state of the Tavern Con 2016 prize pool with donations from Chara Games, Funhill Games, Tasty Minstrel Games, and more.

We also talk about the concept of the moral will of God and the global will of God – the understanding of doing right and being good in our own little box in our own little way versus the desire to step into the wide world and make connections with people from all walks of life. Continue reading