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Mike Perna

Twitter: @innroads
Board Game Geek: InnroadsMike

Mike went to school to be a preacher. While he’s served in churches before, it became clear over time that God had a different idea for his ministry. Something outside the church walls. These days Mike leads gaming events, speaks at retreats and conferences, and generally acts as a proponent for the power of the gaming table. He is blessed with a loving wife who puts up with him as he pursues a life of sharing God with gamers.


 Jeff Romo

Email: jeff@innroadsministries.com20131223_092824

Jeff has been gaming off and on for 21 years. He cut his teeth on Shadowrun (Bag o’ d6 Edition) and never looked back.  Through those years he’s gamed with the same group for all of them. He’s blessed to be married to a wonderful woman who helps him indulge his inner geek even though she doesn’t quite get it.

He accepted the Lord 12 years ago. He’s been able to share his faith with family and friends and even overseas.  God has even given him the privilege of teaching the children.



Daniel Fisher

Twitter: @daniellfisher4


Daniel has been gaming for 23 years, cutting his teeth on HeroQuest before making the transition to D&D, Warhammer 40k, and Magic: The Gathering. He married the woman of his dreams 11 years ago and has two beautiful children rolling dice along with him.

Daniel surrendered his life to Christ in 2008 and was ordained into the ministry in 2012. Since then he has been learning how to blend his hobby with his faith.


Brooks FamilyShawn Brooks

Twitter: @410gaming

Shawn has been gaming from a young age, starting with the classics Monopoly, Payday, Yahtzee, and the like. In high school he fell in love with titles like Dragon Strike and Heroquest, and got introduced to D&D while he was in the Navy. After getting out of the military he and his family moved to Philadelphia, where he started playing Magic, 40K, Warmachine, and got introduced to hobby board games like Power Grid and Arkham Horror. later they moved to NJ and, through their new church, have been blessed as they let him follow God’s calling to use board games to bring Christians  together in fellowship and to show God’s love to non Christians.


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