Tale #4 – Redemption Stories

I have always been a sucker for redemption stories. This is particularly true during the Easter season, when we not only tell stories that involve a character’s redemption – but recount the redemption story at the heart of our faith. The one where God redeemed, and is still working out … Continue reading

Miniatures Painting for Beginners Part 3: What the Flock?

Welcome to Miniature painting for beginners part 3, if you have not read part 1 or 2 yet I would suggest you check it out Part 1 and Part 2 Part of creating beautiful miniatures is making the bases look awesome as well. The picture above is an example of “advanced” basing job. … Continue reading

Episode 108 – The Third Commandment (Ten Commandments, Part 3)

Grant, Peter, and Jenny return to discuss the Third Commandment! There’s quite a lot of banter and catching up to do first, of course, and we banter about illness, the forthcoming Amonkhet set in Magic: The Gathering, Snafu Brewing and TRAPPIST-1, and more. We also have a doozy of a question from Patreon backer Richard, who asks us for our favorite stories from the table. Thankfully, we get to respond in kind! (This also gives us an excuse to mention Tooning Japanese in passing, by the way. […]

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Miniatures Painting for Beginners Part 2 : Paint Tips

Welcome to Miniature painting for beginners part 2, if you have read part 1 yet I would suggest you check it out HERE! In this article I would like to give you some tips to help your paint look the best and last the longest so you can squeeze every penny … Continue reading

A New Light

Playing games as my ministry makes for an interesting set of vocabulary. There is a surprising amount of overlap in both these spheres. I evangelize. I share the joy and wonder of what I have seen and experienced in order that others might have a chance to see it themselves. … Continue reading

Miniatures Painting for Beginners

One of my obsessions is painting miniature figures, vehicles, and terrain for tabletop gaming.  I started painting probably the way many kids do. I painted model cars, so, when I discovered miniature gaming, I was already decent hand at painting.  I was 16 years old when I started painting Warhammer … Continue reading

Episode 107 – Relics and Holy Items

This episode, we tackle a surprisingly complicated topic: Relics and holy items! Grant’s out sick, what with his entire house having been struck by plagues of all sorts, so Jenny and Peter have the mics to themselves. For our Patreon question, they get handed a very tough question from Jared—”What was the most rewarding campaign you ever ran or played in?”—which takes a bit to answer. Then after our Scripture, it’s on to our main topic. We discuss Catholic and Orthodox traditions around relics to lay some groundwork before moving on to talking about the use of relics in our own games: How they might work in certain sorts of settings; what to do with them; and what to do about fakes. Also, a helpful warning: Never go full Blackleaf.

Mentioned in this episode: Two Atlas Obscura articles,

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