Episode 74 – The Myth of Redemptive Violence (with Rev. Derek White)

Rev. Derek White, a.k.a. “The Geekpreacher“, joins Grant and Peter once again! Derek joined us previously on Episode 38, “Christians on the Convention Scene”, and he’s back with us to discuss another weighty topic: Walter Wink’s “myth of redemptive violence” and René Girard’s concept of the “scapegoat” and collective violence. We also take a moment to remind everyone about our ongoing fundraiser for The Bodhana Group, and hear about Derek’s growing role as a convention pastor. Lastly, David LaMotte was kind enough to give us permission to use his song “Peter” in this episode; it was particularly appropriat […]

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IRP Victoriana: Session 3 – The Edna Equation

In the House of Doyle… August, 1856 At the home of Mr and Mrs Henry Doyle, the adventurers begin the investigation into the disappearance of Henrietta and Michael. But along the way, a certain cook becomes a pivot point for more than one of the group. Monsieur Joyeux returns to … Continue reading

Episode 73 – Our Gaming Curriculum (Part 2)

Grant and Peter reprise Episode 60’s “Gaming Curriculum” topic, with another set of suggested media! These are things we think you should read, watch, play, or experience away from the gaming table which will make you a better player and gamemaster. Check the full show notes below for links to everything we mentioned during the show!

Also, we’re raising funds for The Bodhana Group, which uses tabletop RPGs in cognitive therapy applications for hurting children. For more details, visit our fundraiser page or listen to Episode 25, where we interviewed Bodhana’s Executive Director and learned all about the great work they do. If you want to help them, please consider giving to them this holiday season!

Scripture: […]

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How the Dice Fall Contest

November is here again, and at InnRoads that means another year that we have been about the business of helping churches create welcoming environments to share the Gospel and build meaningful relationships. This year, we’ve decided to commemorate this occasion with a contest. Whether you use them to move bits … Continue reading

Your Extra Life 2015 After-Action Report

I cannot be prouder of this year’s Extra Life team! The InnRoads Regulars came in with like a force this year. Not only did we meet our goal – we blew right past it by hundreds of dollars. When I set the bar at $1500, I will say that I … Continue reading