Persist and Survive Together

I’ve previously written about how playing a game allows you to see life from another perspective. Mostly this is through sharing the experiences of the other people at the table, but sometimes the mechanisms and components of the game themselves offer a chance to participate in a powerful story. They ask … Continue reading

Extra Life 2015

This will mark our third year participating in Extra Life. This is an annual event where gamers from all over the country commit to playing games for 24 hours straight in order to help raise funds for local children’s hospitals. Over the past two years, InnRoads related teams have gathered … Continue reading

Episode 67 – Breaking Canon (with Kris Newton & Katrina Ehrnman-Newton)

Kris and Katrina, hosts of the Gameable Pixar Podcast (formerly the Gameable Disney Podcast) join Grant and Peter in a special crossover episode on breaking established setting canon! Gameable Pixar just released a pair of episodes discussing The Prince of Egypt, and they invited Peter and Grant to join them in the second episode.  They return the favor in this episode, where we discuss how to break canon in settings with high player investment—from Tolkien’s Middle-Earth to Biblical Egypt, Israel and Caanan.

If you want to give the Gameable Podcast a try, we suggest picking your favorite Disney or Pixar film and listeni […]

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IRP D&D: the Final Session of the Broken Road

Home Is Where My Enemy Is… Baerd, Silas and Kindrik race back to Melvaunt in search of the half-elf Undil. Baerd has a score to settle with the halfling Ubylyn…Silas seeks to leverage the dark knowledge uncovered in the dungeons…and the rogue, Kindrik Hillenspanner, emerges as the voice of reason. … Continue reading

Episode 1 – Skeleton Key

Welcome to the very first episode of our new storytelling podcast! Once a month, we’ll select a theme and provide a selection of interesting options for your various storytelling needs. Whether you use them for character development, creating plot points, world building, or storytelling outside of the gaming table – we … Continue reading