InnRoads Plays D&D 5e: Session 11 of the Broken Road

The Darkness Groans Into the catacombs to uncover the darker secrets of a culture thought long removed from the face of the world. In this episode, they find the first signs… Part One …stay tuned, Part Two coming up this week! The Cast DM – Jeff Romo Silas the Wizard … Continue reading

Episode 60 – Our Gaming Curriculum

Well, it’s official: We’re going to Fear the Con 8, and Fear the Con 8 is officially happening, so meet us there! That news aside, though, we’ve got a full episode for you: Grant and Peter reviewing their “gaming curriculum”. These are our suggestions for media of all sorts which you as a gamer should have for reference, read, play, or watch to be a better gamer (and especially a better gamemaster.) The full list of media (with links!) is below the fold for reference, so enjoy!

Scripture: Proverbs 18:15, 2 Timothy 3:16-17



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Episode 59 – Conspiracies

Grant and Peter are back to talk about making interesting conspiracies for your players to expose—or participate in! First, we plug the ongoing Fear the Con 8 Kickstarter—if you want to see us there, the con needs to hit its Kickstarter goal, so consider backing it if you haven’t done so yet! Then we get down to business, talking about the elements of a good conspiracy as an entity in your game, and only briefly diverting to talk about conspiracy theories. Like these, which claim the moon isn’t real.

Scripture: Psalm 41:5-9,

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InnRoads Plays D&D 5e: The Broken Road (Session 10)

Deepest darkness, cold fire, dancing faieries, what’s not to like? Baerd, Kindrik and Silas delve into the catacombs to uncover why humans and goblins are so keen on excavating this site. In Part 1, the party descends into darkness, finding that sometimes a light in the pitch isn’t always comforting. … Continue reading