Bezalel’s Calling – Expanding on gifts, ministry, and expectations

An important lesson I learned in seminary is that no one can come to the Bible without bias. He stood before the class and said “I am a white, Anglo-Saxon, male from America. Alone, I can only read [the Bible] as a white, Anglo-Saxon, male from America.” The goal of that statement was … Continue reading

Episode 57 – Playing for Small Stakes (with Josh T. Jordan)

Game designer, podcaster, and sometime pastor Josh T. Jordan joins Grant and Peter to talk about those less-than-epic games, and why they still matter! Josh is the main host of Tell Me Another and the creative force behind Ginger Goat Games. He brought us this topic, and it turns into a wide-ranging discussion about stories outside the traditional epic heroic journey, where personal concerns trump world-threatening story arcs. (We also mention Amagi Games’ “The Soap Opera” one-page game tweak.)

Scripture: Genesis 25 […]

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The Road to Dungeon Master: Part 1

I discovered the world of RPGs as an adult. A handful of years ago I had never played an RPG. They were like a foreign land to me: distant, exotic, and intimidating. Today I’m playing in and even running games across multiple RPG systems. How did I go from non-gamer … Continue reading

InnRoads Plays D&D 5e: The Broken Road (Session 9)

The night time, is the right time… The underground access looms large on the party’s horizon. But first they need to survive the night in the wilds. Join Silas, Baerd and Kindrik as the DM leads them through a not so normal night on watch. It’s a mega episode, but … Continue reading