Blog: Close to the Edge

Something you all may or may not know: I listen to every episode of Saving the Game after it releases. As the only regular host who has never done audio editing, if I don’t make a conscious effort to listen to the episodes after they’re released, I never get to hear them. Usually, that experience is just a nice refresher of an interesting conversation I had with some friends that happened to be recorded, but every now and then, I get hit with something like this: toward the end of our episode with Ken Hite, Ken asked a question in the segment about horror and Christianity that I didn’t actually answer. Fatigue took over and I wound up going on a rambling tangent, but the question was good enough that after listening to the final episode and facepalming for a few minutes, I decided that it still deserved an answer.

The question was: “Any times when you’ve been playing horror games and thinking ‘oh, that was a little close to the edge f […]

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Episode 49 – Horror Games (with Kenneth Hite)

Award-winning author and game designer Kenneth Hite joins Grant, Peter and Branden for a discussion of horror games and stories, just in time for Halloween! Check out Ken’s own podcast, Ken And Robin Talk About Stuff, and keep an eye out for The Dracula Dossier, a really neat project he’ll be Kickstarting soon. We also plug our upcoming charity drive for The Bodhana Group and our store.

After our Scripture readings, we talk with Ken about the fun of horror stories; running a good horror game; types of horror; creating the right amount of fear and horror in games; and writing and playing horror as a […]

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InnRoads Plays D&D 5e: The Broken Road (Session One)

Melvaunt is a place known as much for the machinery of its gnomes as the machinations of its ruling noble class.  Cold and sodden climes provide little welcome to travelers or citizens, but the latter would never admit it.  The people of the region are as hard and unforgiving as … Continue reading

Episode 48 – Trustworthy Characters

Peter and Branden are back to talk about trustworthiness! First, a reminder about our upcoming LIVE recording of Episode 50, and an account of Save Against Fear 2014 from Branden. Then, we get down to the business of trust. We talk about why players don’t trust NPCs; how to convince players that their characters should trust a given NPC; how to indicate that a character isn’t trustworthy; and what to do when a player character can’t be trusted. Enjoy!

Scripture:Proverbs 10:9, Luke 16:10

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The REAL Power

There is a pattern that emerges when church folk discover my passion for tabletop gaming culture and the people that inhabit it. I can generally trace the arc from the moment the conversation starts. It is mostly honest inquiry, but occasionally the arc jumps to a place of confusion, fear, … Continue reading