InnRoads Plays D&D 5e — Character Creation (addendum)

While the bulk of the work putting together Baerd, Kindrik, and Silas happened in the previous edition of InnRoads Plays – there were a few things that really put the icing on the cake. Among these was our favorite of all tables … the TRINKET TABLE! Sorry about that. Enjoy. Continue reading

Episode 47 – Monsters

Grant, Peter and Branden are back with thoughts on monsters! Our brief news segment discusses our new online store (go buy a shirt or a mug, they’re awesome), a plug for the LIVE episode we’ll record Oct. 16th, and some comments on our completed backlog and our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter feeds. Then we get down to business and talk about monsters (reprising the topic for Crossover Nexus #2, which Peter appeared on.) Why are stories about monsters interesting? What makes particular monsters interesting? How can we and should we use monsters in our games and stories? And what are our […]

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InnRoads Plays D&D 5e – Character Creation

As we announced in Game Store Prophets 83 – we’re going to be demonstrating a game of D&D fifth edition from player creation to game play. We hope that: Those who already love role playing games will enjoy playing along with us as we explore this brand new system. Those who … Continue reading

Episode 46 – Kindness (Virtues & Vices, Part 12)

Grant’s back, and there’s so much news! Our official store is open, Peter’s getting published again, Branden has a job, and our live Q&A episode is coming up. And all that’s before we get into our main topic, Kindness. After defining kindness and discussing its nature as a virtue, we dive headlong into its in-game uses and role as a storytelling trope. Finally, we wrap up with a discussion of kindness at the gaming table.

Scripture: Micah 6:8, Ezekiel 36:26, Matthew 25:34-40,

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You Know … For Kids!

In the movie The Hudsucker Proxy, the main character spends the bulk of the narrative holding up the drawing of his fantastic new invention. What is that invention, you ask? The Hula Hoop. But he doesn’t call it the hula hoop. He doesn’t have a sales pitch or explanation. There is … Continue reading