Join the InnRoads Regulars for Extra Life 2014

In 2013, a rag-tag group of gamers got together to raise money for a local children’s hospital. How did they decide they would accomplish such a feat? TWENTY FIVE HOURS OF GAMING! Extra Life is an annual event that works alongside hospitals in the Children’s Miracle Network to provide long term … Continue reading

Episode 40 – Religious Orders

Grant, Peter, and Branden are back around the mics for a discussion about holy orders and, er, sheep. We kick things off with a bit of an explanation of our missed episode, a plug for Save Against Fear, and a few personal notes. Then we dive headlong into religious orders and how to use them (or create them) in your game! We throw lots of historical examples into the mix (along with a length segue on sheep), and we wrap up with a long list of thoughts and questions you should ask yourself about the religious organizations you’re creating.

Scripture: Exodus 28:1

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A Paladin of the Unknown God,

Contributed by Tom Kolar I was listening to the Dice Steeple Christian gaming podcast, and the hosts raised an issue related to Christian tabletop RPG play that I’d never considered: polytheism and “divine” magic.  If I believe in a single God who is the Creator of all things, the source of … Continue reading

No Regular Episode Today

Sorry — no regular episode today. Peter’s father-in-law passed away on the day we were slated to record today’s episode (with a guest host), and that threw our schedule off rather a bit more than we could handle. A few more details are in the news update we attached here. However, there’s an extra “Retro Tuesday” upload this week as we attempt to catch up with our backlog, and we recorded a guest appearance on Game Store Prophets for later this month, so content is indeed forthcoming!

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Operation: Truth and Consequence

All images used from or the associated kickstarter page(s). Visit them to see more of the game’s gorgeous artwork. Art book available on their site.   The Agency has been disbanded. Agents, sprinkled throughout the world, are now without jobs, without allegiances, but not without valuable intel. You see … Continue reading