Episode 39 – Chastity (Virtues & Vices, Part 10)

After an aside on the books which have impacted us most strongly, Grant, Peter and Branden settle in on a difficult and unpopular topic: Chastity. We take a few minutes to define it, then discuss the prospect of using chastity as an in-game plot driver or character trait. We wrap up with a discussion of chastity — and respect — at the gaming table.

Scripture: Exodus 20:14Job 31:1-4Ephesians 5:1-13

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Tabletop Day 2014 Game-a-thon Report

The first time I sat down to reflect on what happened at our Tabletop Day event, I was overtaken by the powerful simplicity of it. I wanted to update my facebook status, for those unable to attend the event, but couldn’t encapsulate everything. So I just listed what I saw. … Continue reading

Episode 38 – Christians on the Convention Scene (with Derek White)

Derek W. White, a.k.a. the “Geek Preacher“, joins Grant, Peter, and Branden as a guest host, bringing with him his knowledge of the geek convention scene and Christian organizations and activities within it. The Christian Gamers’ Guild, Fans For Christ, GameChurch, and Innroads Ministries all get specific shoutouts, as do the worship services at a few major conventions. We also spend some time talking about being a Christian at geeky conventions, and a geek at Chri […]

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