Episode 35 – Resurrection

In a thematic continuation from our previous episode on death, Grant, Peter and Branden talk about resurrection! We first address the question of whether a game that features any resurrection other than the resurrection of the body through Christ can be played by Christians; then, we discuss how the details of resurrection can have a significant impact on your game and its story. We cover numerous fictional resurrection stories, from Highlander to To Your Scattered Bodies Go, and wrap up with a recommendation from Peter: Rev. Adam Hamilton’s Jan. 26th sermon, “The Meaning of Christ’s Death”.


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Game-a-thon for Love True

Last year, Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day headed to youtube with an announcement. Through Tabletop, they were seeing an explosion of people gathering around game tables, and they wanted to celebrate the success of the show. Thus was born International Tabletop Day. Tabletop Day is just what the name implies. It … Continue reading

All Together Now: Why The Tavern is Perhaps the Greatest Part of What We Do

When I discovered that the game Elder Sign had an electronic version designed just perfectly for my mobile device of choice, I was filled with glee. There is something approaching pure joy that arrives when the game comes to a crescendo to where one roll stands between world swallowing death … Continue reading

The Gamer Glossary: So You Want to Role Play?

Much like our first installment of the Gamer Glossary – this will be a brief overview of overarching terms for those looking to get into tabletop role playing games. While each RPG will have its own specific terms – this list will cover terms that are used across multiple games. … Continue reading

Episode 34 – Death

After only a little bit of banter and news (including an official announcement relating to our backlog of missing episodes), Grant, Peter and Branden jump right into a particularly heavy topic: Death. We discuss the problems and opportunities that character deaths can create in your games, and suggest some tips for dealing with some of those common problems (both in- and out-of-game). Then we talk a great deal about storytelling hooks relating to death—and survival—in a multitude of forms. (Fair warning: There’s also a small technical hiccup towards the end. Our apologies!)

Scripture: Ezekiel 37:1-14Revelation 14:13

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The Gamer Glossary: Beginner Board Gaming

Feature photo credit: Jeff Belmonte via photopin cc   We love welcoming new gamers into the hobby. However, we also know we can get so caught up in esoteric terminology that we forget some people don’t know what we’re talking about. Thus – we have the Gamer’s Glossary. In this … Continue reading