Absalom in Shadow: A Pathfinder Campaign from InnRoads Ministries

Announcing InnRoads Ministry’s         Pathfinder Campaign Recruitment     With the InnRoads community growing over the past few months, it seems the time is right to set those bonds in the realm of adventure!  As has been hinted at in the Game Store Prophets podcast, we’ve been tinkering with … Continue reading

Episode 33 – Our Origin Stories

We welcome guest host Mike from Innroads Ministries and Game Store Prophets! Mike introduces our listeners to Innroads, and we talk a bit about “geek ministries” before settling in with our scripture and our topic: Our own origin stories. This episode ended up being a sequence of fairly personal discussions of our roads to both gaming and faith — about as close to testimony as we can probably get. A lot of things we haven’t mentioned before came out in this episode, and we hope you enjoy it!

Scripture: Genesis 1:1-2, John 1:1-5 […]

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It’s All Their Fault: Self-Justification From a Game of Netrunner

Android Netrunner is about runners. Runners are a breed of elite hackers who make their way through the highways and byways of networks to break into corporations’ servers. Carving up defenses, trashing assets, and swiping the agendas the powers that be seek to bring down on the heads of the … Continue reading

Episode 32 – Forgiveness

In this episode, Grant and Peter introduce our syndication partnership with Innroads Ministries, and thank everyone who donated to The Bodhana Group through our fundraiser (and everyone else who participated in the 2013 RPG Podcasters Fundraiser Drive.) Then we start off a discussion of forgiveness with a long C. S. Lewis reading, explaining just how difficult—and how important—forgiveness is. We go over its central place in Christian theology; discuss forgiveness as a gaming plot device; and wrap up with commentary on forgiveness at the gaming table.

Scripture: Jonah 3:10-4:11Matthew 22:34-40

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Chesterton’s Dragon

Our stories are filled with monsters. Whether they are quintessentially monstrous, or more philosophical in nature, they appear as an ever-present trope in the way we communicate. Games are no different, sometimes even creating room for monsters where none exist. The otherwise peaceful castle and field tile game of Carcassonne … Continue reading