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The whisper of robes and the gentle scraping of sandals on marbled tiles announces the group’s arrival.  Four men enter, three locals escorting the fourth who is dressed in clothing given him in Berea.  The three send the foreigner forward to the middle of the Aeropagus. He steps forward, a … Continue reading

Episode 31 – Religious Holidays

We kick off our pseudo-Christmas episode with a shoutout to all our new listeners and a reminder about our fundraiser for The Bodhana Group, and a bit more brief news (as well as a Cooking Comically reference.) Then we turn to our discussion topic: Religious holidays in your game! We talk about their importance, possible trappings, and their history (or lack thereof). Finally, we wrap up with a discussion of our own favorite Christmas traditions.

Scripture: Isaiah 9:6-7, Luke 2:13-15,

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The Dark Road of Thomas Mycroft: Reflections on Playing Evil

I have one rule when it comes to role-playing evil characters. I refuse to play “puppy kickers” – my general name for the sort of person who is evil not out of ambition or self-centered ideals, but just for the sheer joy of being evil. While I’m not naive enough … Continue reading

Gathering Your Hoard: Building Up Your Boardgame Collection

In a previous article on the site, we gave you some tips for starting a new game group. In that article, we said that you don’t need a vast gaming library in order to run a game night in your house or church. While this statement is true, it is important that … Continue reading

Episode 30 – Long Campaigns (with Ben Rome)

We welcome back guest host Ben Rome, co-author of Games’ Most Wanted and Assistant Line Developer for Catalyst’s Battletech line! We discuss the 2013 RPG Podcasters’ Charity Drive and our own fundraiser for The Bodhana Group – including a rundown of all the latest prize news. Then we dive into a discussion of long campaigns, using a four-year campaign from Ben’s gaming past as a prime example. We go over the advantages and disadvantages of long campaigns compared to one-shots and mini-campaigns; how to make long campaigns work; pitfalls they might present; and problems to overcome.


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